Graphic Game of a sophisticated design

The products of the TEXTURE line of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA are floors and wall-coatings in marble with TEXTURE made at Aquaforte where the stone wears graphic games and soft, harmonious contrasts, that capturing light and return elegant and versatile surfaces. The products of the TEXTURE line are structured slightly to the touch, which makes them multi-sensory and non-slip, especially suitable for coating bath areas, spa and spaces for the well-being; also seamlessly integrate into living spaces and room for the reception.

TEXTURE line is made in eight different designs, however, it can be realized in all basic marbles of Acquaforte Collection and is available in several formats among them modular and scalable (as in the SERENITY & CELEBRATION decoration). On request you can customize both the format and design and you can embellish the mosaic with the application of Gold Leaf, Silver and Copper.

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