The beauty and uniqueness of marble combined with versatility and light weight of the resin compounds together give life to ROCK’N’WAX Collection of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA, a modern collection, ideal for embellishing style flooring, walls and finishes aesthetically appealing and contemporary.
The resins that go from red to green to purple to white and pearly are united both in marble of clear colors as the Botticino for effects and color contrasts switched both to darker marbles as Foussana Grey and Black to tone contrasts on tone.



Marble mosaic and resin mounted on mesh
NERO, Red Resin
Sheet cm 30.5 x 30.5
Tesserae cm 1.5 x 4.8 x 1

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ROCK’N’WAX is supplied mounted on net

Proposed in the standard format 1,5 x 4,8 cm, but can be realized, upon request  in all formats of  LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA  catalogue

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