PROVENCE GLASS of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA is a decoration in cut crystal, water jet with sinuous lines Provencal themes declined both in cool shades of green and shades of cornflower blue, both in warm shades of red and purple, both in dark tone mixed in marble elements, to better fit in a variety of environments, but always with a refined style and unique. It is suitable both in the bathroom and living environment in the spaces dedicated to wellness and hospitality.

Provence 1 G 116 X 110

MIX 3 (4/5/6/7)

Glass decoration with water jet cut
Module cm 11 x 11,6 x 0,4

Modules and finishing

The PROVENCE GLASS line is available in three variants: PROVENCE 1G (decoration frameless), PROVENCE 2G (decoration with frame), PROVENCE 2MG (decorated in marble and glass with frame). You can realize the PROVENCE GLASS decorum in all colors of the Art Glass line and mix it with the marbles in the catalog. You can also embellish the product with the application of gold leaf, 24 kt Gold, Silver and Copper, natural or aged.

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