The products of the ALCHIMIA line are coatings with a strong and determined character, of the LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA collection. Thin metal foils of gold, silver and copper embellish precious marbles, highlighting the natural and always different materiality. The installation of the plates is strictly handmade, added value of the product.

ALCHIMIA comes in various sizes and finishes of the bases. The leaves are laid plain or with a light bronzing in the OLD version, all to provide numerous and valuable combinations.

Discover product of Alchimia line
Lithos Mosaico Italia Alchimia


Marble mosaic mounted on mesh
Plissè basic material, Gold leaf, Polished finish
Sheet cm 29,6 x 29,6 x 1
Tesserae 1,5 x 1,5 x 1

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