The PAVÈ decorum of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA iridescent texture and bright, born from union with modular of tiles in water jet cutting are reminiscent of ancient Roman paving compositions, reinterpreted and updated thanks to the application, handmade, gold metallic leaves, silver and copper and the use of Caramel in warm shades to fit in both classic and contemporary, but always from the refined taste.

Pavè 62

SL 16

Marble decor with water jet cut, mounted on mesh, with application of metallic Old silver leaf, polished finish
Sheet cm cm 26 x 29 x 1
Tessere cm 3,8 x 6,2 x 1

Modules and finishes

The PAVÈ decoration is made of marble water jet cutting, the pieces of dimensions 3,8 x 6,2 cm and to 1 cm thick are mounted on net of a module base cm 26 X 29; It comes in different variants, but you can customize it by changing the basic marbles, metal leaves and the colors of Caramel line.

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