The OLD STONE Products are realised in limestone with “soft” finish (brushed); they are given in variable length modules, width 25/30/35 cm and variable thickness, from 4 to 6 cm. They can also be mounted on mesh by reducing the thickness to 1 cm .They fit particularly well in wall and floor coverings either in outdoor or indoor environments.

Old Stone 25 / 30 / 35


‘peel’ of Limestone with Soft finish
Variable lenght module
Width 25/30/35 cm
Variable thickness from 4 to 6 cm

Old Stone 25 30 35 A CORRERE

Old Stone MOSAIC

Mosaics in “peek” of limestone, assembled on mesh, with reduced thickness to 1 cm; natural cleft or brushed finishing and variable modules.

Modules and Finishes

Old Stone 15


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