The art of interpreting the personality
through the poetry of stone
Improved craftsmanship and innovation, elegance and modernity,
visual and multiplicity identity.

The history of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA is first of all the story of passion, dedication and the knowledge of a family that has made a lifestyle as well as one of the leading companies in marble mosaics, interior design and the most advanced artistic techniques, combining tradition and innovation, elegance and modernity, visual and multiplicity identity.

LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA was created in Martina Franca (Taranto) in 1985, as a design-studio.
There has been years of continuous research for products with inimitable style, for the sensibility of the marble and for extensive market knowledge as well as an understanding of the needs of the environment, both living and outdoor.

In 1994, with the collaboration of professionals with high technical and artistic training, becomes producer with the name of LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA and decides to tie itself to the territory as a source of inspiration and face the challenge of employment of the art’s masters and local resources to create a 100% Made in Italy product.

Today, after more than 25 years, LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA  has established itself internationally among the leading companies in the industry of Mosaic production with improved craftsmanship and the use of cutting-edge technology with its strengths being uniqueness, beauty, versatility and the ability to interpret and adapt to the requirements and tastes of the customers.

Lithos has now become, in 2011, LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA , reaffirming its identity, maintaining a close link with tradition yet reinterpreting it, with local roots and knowledge, Italian design and with an international and contemporary focus the mosaic is not just a product but a means of expression and communication for your identity, taste and bond.

LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA  is the leading company in field and artistic marble mosaic decorations, special decorations on marble with etching “Acquaforte” technic and the application of gold, silver and copper leaf.

Artistic Works

Human being has been the creator of marvellous works which have challenged centuries and millenniums. The art has been the sublime spirit which has consented to the human being to create all these works on which one has written the history.From time immemorial, the stone, has offered itself to the realization of these marvellous works and it has become the art’s means to mark the ages; it has expressed itself in mosaic to reach us crossing the greek, roman and byzantine glories. Great and petty mosaic scenes have helped us to go up again to technique and materials that LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA propose today with a new sap for the modern architectural applications.

LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA has been able to pick up this precious inheritance, it has become interpreter of this singular form of art, reaching the taste of a great public and favoring the different customer’s needs.

A LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA mosaic fits harmoniously into the living environment that welcomes it, thanks to its polished and ancient finishes and thanks to its original and refined colours.

In every LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA mosaic the scrupulous and handicraft working, links itself to the most evolved techniques producing works with a personality and a soul which characterize every kind of living environment where located. Skilled hands process the little stone pieces into perfect and complex forms and for every glance given to they will able to provoke emotions, for ever preserved.

Acquaforte Works

The knowledge of traditions, innovation of etching techniques, improved craftsmanship, uniqueness, elegance, value and durableness of the leaves and marbles used allows to LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA Acquaforte Collection to embrace each living environment taste and requirement. Chromatic and expressive unique effects for a refined and contemporary choice of style.

Variability and versatility of the   Acquaforte Collection decors is due to the using of different basic materials and the application of gold, silver and copper leaf and the using of various pigments. This combination creates always unique and unrepeatable products.

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