LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA presents the new collection “OP’Land” and “Wonderland” designed by Alessandra Ondeggia, Sandra Faggiano and Andrea Mighali whom created for LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA a new line of themes with optical illusion and fairy-tale environments that express the will to reflect contemporary culture and to respond to the new trends of home living.

The collection, realized by LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA‘s arts masters, with the support of Lucia Lomascolo, are the reflection of Apulia’s high profile artists, and a fine example of an all Italian tradition, in the art of mosaic making. Designers envision a “new stone”, no longer a static one, but one that tells stories. The marble becomes emotional surfaces, more that a simple facing. The marble become as emotional surface and not as simple coating. Up they come, modern mosaics, vigorously unique that stand out for quality and timeless taste. 

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