You will ask me how these people managed to dig up and align so many stones.I think that the task would have scared off a race of giants. This is the most rugged and rocky Murgia – to make it into arable land, the seeding (… ) would have taken no less than the hard  labour of a population of ants.
15 gennaio 1925 , Tommaso Fiore , lettera a Piero Gobetti
The firm LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA, from Martina Franca in Apulia, has been able to modernize  the ancient marble and stone mosaic techniques and the ‘Acquaforte’ etching on the stone surfaces. For the ‘Pietre Graffite’ collection we have analysed the ancient handmade surfaces used to build architectures and we have selected some scratches/sketches that the Master stonecutters obtained hand-working wisely and patiently on the stone. We have identified and selected some of the historical stone treatments made with the bush hammer, the chipping hammer, the tooth chisel, the chipping hammer and the point chisel together, that we have modernised and made mass-reproducible.
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